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Grandest Theft

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Grandest Theft



How do I hold on to this youth 

that’s forever fleeting?

Time’s this wound 

that won’t stop bleeding


It feels that even

this heart beating is leading me

to one absolute end,

I’d lend my soul to the devil

to feel some sense of control 

But over and over

time pushes me out of the door

before I have a chance to take a breath


Now I worry I’ll be running 

’til I’ve got nothing left

While time steals away youth

in the grandest of thefts.

So deft is time 

at distracting us ’til death


Tick-tock, tick-tock.

But how many more ticks do I got?

Whether I have a few or a lot,

the uncertainty ties my mind up in a knot


Do I even have a shot?
Will I ever come to terms 

with the time ticking off the clock?

Or will I be cursed to toil in 

anxiety until the reaper knocks?


I don’t know the answer

I can’t know the answer 

Maybe time is just this cancer

that never goes in to remission-

a cancerous thief that won’t 

ever ask for permission

It just takes and takes and takes

while we are all constantly trying to create

a place in our lives where we don’t waste time 

but we also take time to appreciate 

the finer things in life



Time may be a thief,

but it’s also life’s most prolific charity case

Giving out memory after memory that no 

amount of money can replace 

Giving out story after story 

that even death can’t erase


If your heart is broken,

time can pick up the pieces


If your soul’s been torn open

time tells you, “You will beat this”


And time means it. 


Tick-tock, tick-tock.

I still don’t know what I’ve got,

This cognitive dissonance only 

tightens that knot. 

It seems I’ve found a spot between 

humble appreciation and 

outright hatred mixed with impatience.


Tick-tock, tick- tock.

I’m done looking at this fucking clock. 

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