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Lyrics - Jeweled Star Prison

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New lyrics. Enjoy.


Jeweled Star Prison



Is a forgotten plan

Surging through the alpha signs

of our clan



Is a forgotten name

Roaring through the static tides

of the game



But oh, how it glistens

and oh, how it gleams

To seal such a secret

is how it shall ring


To see is to believe

but it won't ail me

Underneath every cancer

is a juggernaut tree


But oh, how they grow


In every fragment, every land

and no mercy, they now flee

We are unforgiven

but enslaved are thee


It's too late for virtue

with the leader trapped inside

The people's hearts collide

With shards left to die


And now, they soon will come




With the wind in our favor

We all pay a price

for the damnation of the valley

to the last genome splice


And the war must go on

or trapped we all will be

like the sister of the princess

in crystal sprite beings




Oh, how it glistens

and oh, how it gleams

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