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Wish You Well

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I could have been your remedy

But, I’m yours now only in memory

My head was wrapped around your melody

But I’ve forgotten how the words go


My heart’s in service to you no more

Faded, like your knocks against my door

You don’t own me, like you did before

I don’t need you, like I did before


It hasn’t been long 

since you left me in this place

Yet, I’ve forgotten your song

And I’ve forgotten your face


This is a place I’ve been

a thousand times before

but that was then;

I don’t recognize it anymore.


As your melody fades,

I still wonder about the cards I played

If different moves were made,

would you have stayed?


Maybe it’s more about the cards I was dealt

Maybe I thought you were something else,

Maybe I was wrong-

Maybe you weren’t someone that I could help


Now you’re gone

but that doesn’t change how I felt

You once had me under your spell,

and I thought I could break that fucking shell,

but, now all I can do

Is see you out the door and wish you well

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