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Lyrics - Dear Mothership

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New lyrics. Enjoy.


Dear Mothership


Elevation in the battle

We fight from higher ground

Clockwork sculptures

never become unwound


Guardians of nutrients

to sustain our life

Red eyes, red lies

crescent wildlife



It's just agony

Resembling puppetry

Pulling down new world strings

while a UFO's siren rings


Dear mothership, come around

Rip apart the victims

Dear mothership, deliver now

the Princess schemes with stars


Starring two races in time

Positioning for stellar duel

No hope for the resistance

How life can be so cruel


Our fleet of flying saucers

ravage your sorry town

No sign of survivors

Shoot them all down




Let them go


Let them run


Under impossible weight


Black out the sun


The chill in your mind


Is all that's left


As you die


From our greatest theft

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This was really cool! Flowed very nicely as well. 

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On 1/6/2016 at 0:26 PM, Z J said:

This was really cool! Flowed very nicely as well. 

Thank you!

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