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Lyrics - Die For The Cause

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New lyrics. Enjoy.


Die For The Cause


Swimming in the star-lit sea

Dreaming that you're here with me


Mind in overdose


I'm in comatose


One hole in the line

Object in double prime

Oh, how you soothed me

as the creaking light we see

emerges from the castle door


With weaponry in hand

Our synergy is grand

Emptiness vibrates

as comrades meet their fates

under the heel of the heroes


The egg just born

under the full moon

sought battle to forwarn

but died for the cause too soon


Vines intertwined to fluctuate

and seek out a distant sun

Heart at an uncontrollable rate

but now stopped before the battle was won.


But it's too late

Too late for you

Consciousness slipping

as the wound grew.

The fragile one

that faded away

sought for new homeland

and we all obey


We all know

the stakes in play.

The princess will rule;

check the date and say

"The day seems

to last forever."

The mist has come

to take the never.


You're too far gone

to understand the end.

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