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Lyrics - Bio-war

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New lyrics. Enjoy.




Millions of silent policies

caressing the divine

Millions of different rhythms

playing up and down my spine


With a wave of two fingers

lines in the air form

Digital signals enter

in tangent chloroform


When it gets bigger and faster

and starts obeying our command

Our method of destruction

is highly in demand

But don't think that

we are completely armed

because we still sing along

to that same broken song


It's easy to destroy with guns

and numb with ethanol

But it's amusing to ruin

with ideological control


Do you understand

the bio-attack?

It's a robot designed to

snap confusion right back


When it gets stronger and smarter

and starts parading on your land

The state of your nation

is on foundations of sand

But don't think that

we are even alarmed

We broke every rule

when we used the wrong tool


Energy from the bodies

of your fallen men

become the fuel we need

to take it to number 10


Our salvation is

now staying alive

If only you could reach us

in our stereo hive



We are broadcasting

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