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Lyrics - Operation: Energy

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New lyrics. Enjoy.


Operation: Energy



"And whether by carelessness or stubbornness, the planet became void of resources. Without care for the environment, the usage of hazardous materials as fuel and lack of renewable energy doomed their planet forever."




In the mindlessness

of the machine in distress

Politics have no purpose here

We're calculated, have no fear


Undeniably good for the cause

The leaders say with a pause

The facts are here but don't listen to them

Stick to your ways with a tar-colored gem




Look for freedom among the stars

Patch up any and all scars

We are the masters of the universe

Think for now, not the planet's herse


Yeah, deny what you see

and listen to me

This world is ours

and we have the powers

Drill into the sea,

sounds like freedom to me

Just invade a new cup

when the foundation's dried up


Holding on to a vision of paradise

We know it's full of shit but it would be nice

Living life with no gold responsibilities

Casting out the weak with no trace of pities

Concentrated eyes on the screen

So much value but you use it as a numbing machine

Elevation is the cost when the water rises

And the leaders who deny have the true disguises


In the silent reckoning

we all fight as one

To us, it's our last chance

but to others, it's option #1

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