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Lyrics - Telescope

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Starting some new lyrics. These are from a concept album idea called Celestial Extraterrestrial. They will be posted in order. Enjoy.




Our planet is dying

We need to survive

A hole in space has

opened to see

a distant world

where the people thrive


Through the telescope

a vision is born.

We have no other choice!

But surely they will not let

our kind live peacefully;

war must be sworn.


In our darkest times,

ripped from fragile lands,

all we have is each other;

woven from time

in an enhanced

set of earthly glands.


Soon the time will come

and we're nervous still

Our lives are void

in the fever kill


But to destroy

is all we know

Survival is essential

for the strong to grow


With all of my brothers

and sisters, too

Love is only an option

for the chosen few.

For us, there's no question;

no singing bomb

On her call,

we will march on.

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