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Lyrics - Apprehension Attention

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New lyrics. Enjoy.


Apprehension Attention


What in the world

have we come to?

Slowing away since

the past we grew


Watching our lives

across the screen


Watching the days

fade into the green


Where the fuck

has the time gone?

Open the portals for

unusable song


Holding the light

from others' eyes


Holding the clock

for a fake sunrise



I can't get over

the things you said

Take it to my arm

and cut me red

Holding the seed

for pain and greed

Gluttony for the luxuries

and the fucking disease


Where is the fire

from dead man's past?

I waited too long

for the moment to last


The shitty apprehension

is controlling me


I'm an anxious mess

for things I can't see


And if you ever wonder

who you're to please


Turn off the

fucking TV




And if you wanna

know what I see


I really can't explain

what it could be



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