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Popular Topics: August 2015

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10 Most popular topics for August 2015
1) Battle Of The Green Day Songs - 583 posts
2) Is The Song Above On Your iPod? - 376 posts
3) Relationships - 317 posts
4) May the IVth GDC Regulars Club be with you... - 254 posts
5) Ashley Madison/Josh Duggar is a piece of shit - 247 posts
6) Green Day Instagram Photos - 238 posts
7) The Sex Thread - 236 posts
8) The Picture Thread - 196 posts
9) The Medical Thread - 180 posts
10) Two Virginia journalists killed on air - 163 posts

Fans of the Week
Aug 8 - Lone
Aug 22 - Steven Seagull

Top 5 Most Active Members
JJ1964 (474 posts)
Lady Nightlife (417 posts)
One Hot Minute (387 posts)
Penguin Puffball (282 posts)
AlissaGoesRAWR (272 posts)

Top 5 Most Liked Posts
This post by wood in The Picture Thread
This post by Daughter.of.Rage.and.Love in The Picture Thread
This post by desertrose in Story of the Fan that met Billie Joe in Broken Guitars shop
This post by She-Loves-Him in The Picture Thread
This post by Comrade in The Picture Thread

Members active: 294
New Members: 22 
Total Visitors: 12,858
Most registrations in a single day: 3 (August 18th)
Single busiest day: August 26th
New Topics: 115
Total Posts: 8,885
Total PMs sent: 126
Blog posts made: 31
Most viewed blog entry: Swimmers Fan Site/Forum (271 views)
Total Rep Given: 8,659

Hi everyone. I'm sorry for being late. Please enjoy last month's top topics and the rest of the stats. We would like to thank everyone for their feedback last month. As always, comment below with any questions or concerns you may have. Thanks.

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I'm read these just to see what posts to look at in the picture thread.

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Penguin Puffball


Damn, back up to being one of the top 5 posters again already. Clearly, I have nothing better to do with my life. :D 

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I think you'll find my post in the picture thread beats most of these for likes :dry: this is a fix!

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the Taco named person.

Andres is not a "taco name." How dare you.

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