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Lyrics - Overthought Dreams

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New lyrics. Enjoy.


Overthought Dreams


Call me a dreamer

or a fateful reminder

of times long past

when the sun hangs

low on the line that

never ends


I'm used to orbiting

some long scenario

looking for the surface

where no on can resist

or deny what I chose

is what I cannot hide


Enter space and solitude

or risk another part of you



A glow or the dim light

that makes up your eyes

It's a feeling that consumes

what you love and what you hate


An indigo star streaks the world

of an inner-facing spine

In this mind of overthinking

and trying to change fate


If this is how it is

and how it will always be

never leave my mind or

distance my thoughts within me

If this is how it never ends,

leave it all to you and them

because I'm caught up

in dreams that take up my R.E.M.


Lift off tonight

or fall while standing upright





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