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Landmarks of My Youth: A Poem

It's Splash Time


I've lived here all my life

I know all the landmarks

Yet somehow

I see them still

As the landmarks of my childhood

The blockbuster on the corner

Though it has long since

Become another shop

Shall always be

The blockbuster on the corner

I return

To places I have tread

And expect

To still see my footprint


Forgetting the many footprints

That have obscured mine

Expecting a clear print

Where now there is only

A memory

These landmarks of my youth

The parks

The river

The bushes cut away

Like cuts against my flesh

Even the street I grew up in

No matter how

Child like I am

The time keeps passing

And the places do not remain

The abandoned house

The one I assured myself

Was haunted

Despite never

Having set foot on its grounds

My thoughts

The only evidence

Of my conviction

I watch

As the overgrown



I hold on

To these places

And let them

Haunt me still

They are shadows

In my mind

As I once more


Where I once did

This journey is constant

A look at a past

Memories I may not wish

To remember

Yet they hold on to me

As I hold on to


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