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Lyrics - A Letter



The last set of lyrics of my little tangent to create a story-album of sorts. After this, topics expressed in "Belt Too Tight, Try As You Might" to "A Letter" will not be as common/focused... until they do happen again, if that happens. :P Anyway, enjoy.

A Letter

Oh, such constricting airwaves

landing in an oil minefield

A broken home with pasts inside

with scars on children that fail to yield

March into your war

with nothing to win

March into your faith

with nothing within

March into the night

where the blind shall lead

March into the sun

where Heaven burned its deed

"Mother and father, the day is done.

By the time you get this,

I will already be gone.

Do not follow me; you can't change my mind.

It was long ago

I decided that it was my time."

March into the stars

where corruption is shown

March into the field

where control is overthrown

March into the stratosphere

where human ties are woven tight

March into the lies

where your might shines bright

Such a frightful concept death is

but abortion of thought is mutiny

To make the best of time we have left,

we must live with silver scrutiny.

"It may be too late for most of you,

but let the others live

the life they have always wanted to."


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