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Lyrics - Transform



New lyrics. Enjoy.


There's no one to blame

when a curse is in your name.

When a being transitions,

withhold your superstitions.

When the chains

become veins,

they become God,

destroyer of life.

When the game

ends up the same,

they flood a mind

with hatred and tears.

"Like my long lost friend,

who was shot by

the trusted ones...

After she walked up on the hill,

he turned to find

a mother, a father, and all."

He could not contain

confusion or abstain

from lectures learned,

dogmatic symbols earned.

When the land

turns to sand,

they probe with beliefs

and conversion booths.

When they find them,

eyes of a gem,

they cut and shape

to create a new "you".

"Like my long lost friend,

stranger, do not go

or step foot in that town.

He was not always that way.

Born as someone else,

but felt trapped by himself."

What elixir could be used,

or what preacher can be fused,

with popular vote

and elegant demand?

The young girl's friend,

before a sodomite, now a heathen,

was doomed from the start.

Intolerance of her preferences,

and anger at his new self,

results in death, from whom he will never part.


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