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Lyrics - Long Lost Life



New lyrics. Enjoy.

Long Lost Life

Hold the torch, please

Rise up from beneath

the holy forces in a fraudulent job

Feel the wind on your skin,

as molten waves come rushing in

Where will you be

when you are dead?

"I can't view an end

after I've lost my only friend.

The sirens pierce the scriptures

that bend."

How many more will you kill

through destruction of their will?

I'm not telling you what to believe,

but who do you think you are?

Believe through knowledge and seeing,

not by hope from afar.

So many lives long gone,

with a single, forgotten song

There's nothing to work for

but life of youth.

And they rock in their cribs

without ideas of their own.

A cradle with bars

made up of traditional stone.

"I can't allow any more

hatred in tolerant form."

So she joined herself

and exposes white and

gold cloaks worn.

So many lives long gone,

with a truthful, untold song

There's so much to work for

with no opportunity after the end.


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