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Lyrics - If Only (Escape)



New lyrics. Enjoy.

If Only (Escape)

The dark lights of the city

open up a world of hope and pity

The girl now walks to beats

of heart pumps and steel beam streets

Our story begins at creation...

Night clubs, dance bars, stitch-park sights

sewing up holes from double-decker fights

A brand new world opens up wide

for a flight path straight to the inside

The birth of our only threshold...

"And I can finally say I've made it.

Still no American dream...

But truth be told, that's a waste pit

full of blind, aimless steam.

And I don't care where I go.

If only you were here with me

to escape..."

Forked hands lie down her face

picking up slack for a losing race

Run now, up, down, around your mind

lead brain trails away from the blind

In a blinding light...

Rain pats down, on sidewalks

Listen to the ways the cashier talks

No prying voices; only subtle fears

in the city the haze now clears

A sparkle of life glimmered upon cold sand...

"A place unlike any I have known

and not a single forgotten stone.

Etched with a message, type as a throne

of a word unknown: home.

But I don't care where I live.

If only you were here with me

to escape..."

But escape could only be illusioned

by a mind so willingly controlled.

The man, or boy, whatever he was

to that forsaken town

was a bastard of faith,

a hinderance to salvation.

What a tragedy of life,

when an ideology divides,

and destroys,

and overthrows

morals that we have otherwise.


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