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Lyrics - Evolution



New lyrics. Enjoy.


A foolish nature, clinging to its wraps

Forgotten fortune, while humanity clasps

A forlorn ruin of what we knew

And it balances on the lies, as they grew.

The girl breathes a cold, soft breath

As she arrives at the station's rebirth and death

The night tires, as the hours evolve away

With cold hands, a ticket passed and faith at bay

"Now I hold the key,

A lonely motto and a dime

To prove that I'm finally free."

Coordination of balance, mother's taken her toll

At the toll booth of the faith's holy roll

She steps onto the train, evolving from a dream,

But the nuclear winter bursts from its seam.

The cold of the gurgling memories

Divides in fission with family urgencies

Onto the platform, to her surprise

Her mother had her locked at eyes.

"Your Devil friend, and now you, too."

By the bayside, by somber light,

"Mother, you're dead; more than I knew."

It's a conductor's line.

It's a poor soul's time.

"But now you know

Your oppression made me go."

And in the force of nature

We evolved beyond compare

But a tragic flaw

Still strips us bare.

We created the chains

To trap ourselves

And the wrongdoings

Are laid out on the shelves.

It's a production line.

It's a last, insolent time.

"And now you understand the life

Of a child filled with puncturing strife."

She walks right past.

The evening lasts.

A final shriek from the mother.

But with the girl's evolution,

She can simply find another.

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