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Lyrics - Camp of Heaven/Hell

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New lyrics. Enjoy.

Camp of Heaven/Hell

With a pocket foghorn

On a midnight hill

There was a murmur, "Come be born"

With a terrifying shrill

Diluted past all-seeing eyes

From this fucked up town

She hears the voice of a man who defies

As the wind brushed up as a suicide gown

"But now I've changed my ways,

Gone out of town and, well,

Finally reveal motives of

The Camp of Heaven and Hell."

Her only friend

Got shot last night

A savior couldn't be a means to an end

So he decided to give up the fight

Now with a necklace of shame

Hung around her neck

Galaxies in mirrors of religious fame

Finally cash away with a medical check

"I finally made it out of that hellhole"

She exclaimed as she sat in a thoughtful cell

But all the children are stuck in

The Camp of Heaven and Hell.

The deceased grow weary of

Thoughtless trials

And the stars rained gold that night

Somehow the setting seemed right

When they turned to the news

And the camp was shown in a new light.

With the counsellors taken away

And the members in therapy

It's a wonder why the parents make them stay

In the cult of dogmatic entropy.

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