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#18 Pokemon, What If You Were Real?

It's Splash Time


Okay, so this entry sort of spawns from a book I'm reading, "Physics of the Impossible", where the author attempts to explain the physics behind popular science fiction and whether or not it is possible. He covers topics such as telepathy, phasers, teleportation and robots. I'm currently reading the chapter on robots, and part of it really got me thinking.

Because of Moore's Law, which states that computer power doubles every eighteen months, it is conceivable that within a few decades robots will be created that have the intelligence, say, of a dog or a cat.
(I should point out that by 2020 Moore's Law is likely to collapse as the age of the silicon chip is coming to an end).

Fair enough, you say. Well, what if we do create such animal-robots? Would we use them as companion, to help around the house, or to battle others? And slowly, the world of Pokemon appears. If such creatures existed, different people would choose to use them for different means. How about that question, appearing so often in memes, why do Pokemon hurt themselves when they are confused? If a Pokemon was in fact a highly evolved robot (learning both from top-down and bottom-up approaches*), the opponent attacking its "brain" would affect the circuit enough to make it hurt itself instead of its opponent.

*Maybe I should explain that more. One refers to building up a catalogue of everything it needs to know, then letting it run loose. The other refers to letting it learn through its surroundings, like a baby learns how to speak and act. By combining both approaches, the most effective robot can be made. In the first two years of a human's life, they learn more than in any other two year period of their life. After a while, they will begin to learn from books and teachers instead. With comparing to Pokemon, remember that you can catch a wild Pokemon with a few attacks, but by training (and use of TMs or HMs) it can learn more attacks.

A major problem with robots is how hard it is for them to be programmed in common sense and so be able to keep up a conversation. Pokemon will only say the name of their species, sometimes in different tones. In a similar way to close family being able to interpret what a small child says, a Pokemon trainer soon becomes able to tell what the Pokemon is thinking. Emotions can be programmed in further in the future, making the nature of the Pokemon (lonely, quiet, brave) and affecting the choices the creature would make.

I feel this is an optimistic hope for the future, but why not? And who the hell wouldn't want a Squirtle or Togepi or Munchlax?

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"Terrorists uses Charizard's in terrorist attacks on American tourists in Greece and the Mediterranean."

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It's Splash Time


Nice way to combat wars though, settle it with a Pokemon battle.

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