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Lyrics - Follow Home



New lyrics. Enjoy.

Follow Home

You gotta follow home, follow home

Don't welcome the ambiance

of every drug or every pill

Welcome the sober and the ill

We're one of many worlds

while many may say

how cold the night is

Well, y'know that's showbiz

"I'm a character of life

Who knows who I am?"

There's nothing after the end.

It hurts now and then.

But on the misty night,

as you walk on by,

nowhere to go through the foam,

go anywhere to follow home.

So many people pretend

they're watching over them

But through matter and space,

there's no spirit with a face.

Without currency or fear,

without murder or living fables,

run wherever you can

but away from where your life began.

You wipe the sweat from your eyes.

You're not preaching, but encouraging.

"I know why I live. I know why I die.

There's no stone purpose in life.

The universe has no meaning.

We merely exist."

The moon hangs, almost alive.

A sign that you must strive.

The world is not a gift;

it's a necessity.

As a cluster, a dome

Keep traveling, follow home.


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