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Lyrics - Wretch, Dæmon, What Have I Created?



New lyrics. Enjoy.

Wretch, Dæmon, What Have I Created?

"Oh, oh, oh no

It's creeping up the walls

of my mind, of my soul"

"They taught me to love

through hate up above

and my mind is constructed

my backwards life fronted

by my evil creator."

Arms from golden heroes,

Legs from wicked zeroes

"This is my life!"

Shouted from lungs

taken from the breathless

She runs up the street

while the lights fall to pieces

criticizing her very creation

The witnesses hide their children

their modest outfits, live life in symmetry

"Mama, I admit it! I'm not part of this bullshit!

I'm the Devil in disguise, and this time

I'm not willing to compromise!"

Oh, what a scene

the young girl created a new being

As the story progresses,

Our dear mother, she still represses

the true views of her child.

"My views come from bloodthirsty angels

When paradise is lost

I can't contain my inner turmoil"

She's a monster, scarred and confused

her banishment after she left unamused

The seven deadly sins are the example

of the life people lead:





Wrath! (Ha!)

Envy! (Ha!)


"All mere puzzle pieces used to characterize

my life in shambles, I am a creature

who seeks redemption

Fine; I'll kill all your brethren:

make them understand how to evade this."



"This is my final hour;

but before I leave here,

let me show you how to live."


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