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Lyrics - Kneel and Steal

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More lyrics. Enjoy.

Kneel and Steal

The faith holds a secret

While you're in deep, it

Holds you down

Praying for something

Alluring to nothing

Just kneel down

While you're in the garden

He's reaching for your wallet


"I don't suppose you know

That putting on this show

is a...

fuckin' drag!"

"Putting on this act...

Holding innate tact...

is a...

fuckin' drag!"


Oh, but you know

And they know

What he's done

They're smarter than they look

But stick to their book

Stealing all of their will

While you're in the garden

He's stealing the youth's innocence


"What a drag it must be

To keep with the scene

Slammin' doors,

Dollars on the floor..."

"Keep it up, I know your tricks

Feel them up for the thrill of it

Gonna steal my money, gonna steal their kid

Look at you breathe in all the funds that you hid."

While they just kneel down!

On their burgundy carpet,

next to their bed

Just to go to you

And this is what you said:

"What a fuckin' drag..."

"What a fuckin' drag..."

"I need a drink."

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