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Lyrics - Pleas of Secrecy



More lyrics. Enjoy.

Pleas of Secrecy

"If only I can break free from this torment,"

She says to herself, with eyes dewed.

A time of melancholy lament,

with a cluttered room misconstrued.

What will it take? The power and precision

of a calculated sermon?

"No, I beg to be spared; I envision

the power of learning."


"I hope to see the world

how it always was.

Too many years of confinement!

Too many 'fixes' to count!

Open the universe to me!"

Children trapped in homes,

fear as the only bars.

"If we are the primary domes,

why are there worlds among the stars?"

"I have a picture of you, Mama.

Why aren't you smiling? Do you fear

all of the bitter trauma

if I abandon what you hold dear?"


"Open the universe.

My pleas of secrecy...

My friends will turn

and my family will scorn

but please, someone...

Enlighten me."


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