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Lyrics - Belt Too Tight, Try As You Might



I'm going off on a tangent to my other lyrics (the more upbeat/happier ones, for the most part) to try some new ideas and experiment with new songwriting styles. They ended up similar to poetry, I guess, and have darker subject matter, but whatever. Enjoy.

Belt Too Tight, Try As You Might

Our story begins at creation,

the birth of our only threshold

In a blinding light, a sparkle of life

glimmered upon cold sand.

From stories came stories

Untold worries among our kin

We devised a disguise to make up for demise

and flourished through killing and loving.

Fast forward to present day,

where the world is in disarray

But they don't know God like he knows us;

to fear him is key to salvation.

"Mama, oh Mama, allow me to feel

like one of them; I promise I'll be good."

Wrap a belt of life and cover your eyes

you suffer to prove your devotion.

"I can't take this, Mama!

Why is it fair that we are born unholy

when I've done nothing wrong?"

Do not fight what you can't comprehend.

Wrapped in the bandages of the Father

they tear at the spaces between

Only to be taped shut by holy men

and tied up on a broken tree.

In towns upon towns, in countries far and wide

these differences destroy us!

"Mama, I don't know what to see!"

Dear child, there's nothing to be seen.

A home of idealism in grace alone

is divided where it stands

If only one board breaks,

the structure of lies starts to bend.

Child, oh child! Fear not what you are told!

The necklace of malice upon your neck,

shamed with the beads of servitude,

is not the truth at all.


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