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Lyrics - Out of the Hole (While Digging Another)



Another new song. Enjoy.

Out of the Hole (While Digging Another)

There's no more hope in the light of the world

I've sat here long enough with this warm feeling

I've no more wonders in the life of the mold

This chair is collecting shreds of whatever I fear

You're the main goal of the stock market machine

but I can't pay for you anymore

I don't control the spirit of the dreams I create

Just images of you on all of the screens


I've done enough to convince myself

It's not always about who you're with

I don't care what you've done with the shelf

Just know that I can't keep up with this myth

I've been here long enough to understand

What I'm feeling prevents my life to be worth living

But now I realize what the signals all mean

I'll swim in the future controlling my fear

The coffee shop holds the service of all rewards

Having nothing yet the will to go on

I'm not sure if this will make sense to you

Even to me it feels too ambiguous to decipher


And the lights are gone

Blown the winds to the circuitry

Erase traces of my life drawn

Remove worries from certainty

In time

I will win

In time

I will win

But I still can't reach you

But I still can't reach you

Who knows if I will?

If I even wanted to?


Who knows if I will?

If I even wanted to?


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