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Lyrics - It Goes Both Ways



I lied; that one wasn't my last one. Gotta keep the creative juices flowing. :P Enjoy some new lyrics.

It Goes Both Ways

There's always a reason

For us to act this way

Always a trial

To put forth words to lay

Always saying

to do what I'm told

No identity for the woman

when your desire's gone cold

I need not an answer

for your act of rage

For when you strike me

it'll go away with age

It's always the man


I don't care what you tell me

Or what you have to show

I know what you do

And how far you'll ever go

You may say that

It all falls on me

But you know what they'll think

If it comes to tragedy

'cause they'll believe me


You always have fun

when I have to work

No grueling hours

after dark you lurk

You never listen

I just want to be heard

Your false accusations

Can't be more absurd

It's always the woman


You're a droplet on the beer can in the sun

Do you realize that my work is never done?

I get my way because you always make it so

You're too easy; you're always kept in tow

I cannot stand it when you always blame me

A wingless insect caught up in the sea

I cannot cope with constant arguing

No hesitation when you take it to the nth degree

If you'd only give a damn



It's always the man

It's always the woman

It's always the man

It's always the woman

If you'd only give a damn


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