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Lyrics - Concentrated Noise



Some more lyrics. This will probably be my last for a while; this might be one of my favorites, and one of the ones that I relate to the most. Enjoy.

Concentrated Noise

I can see

With rolling eyes of green

A window landscape

Of what we cannot be

A world born anew

As if this could be true

Where we own

The Earth and power we pursue

In your society

You float in-between

The article of lights

And teach you to be mean

They walk on carpets of red

And then the media’s dead

Howling at their lives

With the useless attention they embed

A line is never drawn

Despite the lives long gone

They fix their gaze

The haze of the faux strong

And to those that don’t care

About the rulings that ensnare

You will be cast out

The glass cause that you impair…

And for the media that roar

And the silence that you implore

Lights on the skyline

Across the world

Draining our youth

The venom of the serpent’s tooth

These celebrities gone wild

Follow the same old style

Meteors rush out of their eyes

Along the sea

Crushing smaller beings

Asking for less important things

You think that we care

But the truth is I can’t bear

This agonizing contraption

Among the crowd

Stalking legally

Pouncing on the next “story”…

And all of the shows on TV

Are the spines of discrepancy

Your report on the new scene

Cannot win

Your mind is thin

And you suffer to all your kin

This concentrated noise

Explodes integrity without poise

The golden rule destroys

Your life

You deserve this strife

Hatred for you is rife

I can’t believe it

The news will recommit

The world will acquit

The silver tongues are reversed

Your lie always hurts

I can’t hear the fatal outburst

Whatever way you need

For disruption of privacy

You will heed

Our call

Watch as you fall

Reduced to nothing at all

With fields of my own doubts

Your influential bouts

Will not wither our sprouts

Marble within

Your accusations therein

Mean nothing on my skin

Hear your own

Concentrated noise…

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