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Lyrics - Inside A Mind



Some new lyrics. Enjoy.

Inside A Mind

Time’s an illusion

And I don’t wanna know

All the things we’ve been

Aren’t moving at all

Go forge on

You’ve done it before

With the sun on the wall

And the moon on the floor


In my presence I want to know, want to know

Keep me in your mind

Your caricature and how far you’ll go

In my presence I want to know, want to know

How to still these thoughts

How to take it all slow


In my confusion

And I don’t wanna know

Cold sweat diffusion

What can I do to not make it so?

Flesh and blood in your eyes

But the weapon’s silent

Feast on the divine

My fear’s ultraviolet


It’s too hot to wear what I need

Pulses and signals are all I can see

Disperse all thoughts across headstones

Too much fear rests in my bones

But this won’t last

I will leave you in the past



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