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Tom (Not Anyone.) has been promoted to GDC Admin



I'm excited to share that we are promoting Tom to be the next GDC Admin. Tom will be taking a bigger role in helping to run the forum and manage the moderating team.

Tom also wins the award for most promotions in the shortest amount of time. He hasn't even been here a full year, and now he'll be running this place.

Anyone who spends time on GDC knows Tom. I wanted to promote him because it's clear he cares about this place and he cares about its members. I know having him join me and Lone to make decisions about how we handle things on GDC will be a huge benefit to the entire community.

Congrats, Tom! Very happy to have you help us out.


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I'm so happy you're the new admin..and I'm not happy in the gay way, but more like a friend way.

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We can go use up the vacation time we've accrued now.

Congrats Comma chameleon. :) Let's break stuff.

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It's official, moditus is even more harmful than ebola :( THIS is what happens when you get infected.

(But seriously, congrats sir!)

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The Disappearing Boy


Ladies and gentlemen, we have our new captain peroxide. Well done, Mr. Nomnom :P

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This will truly make GDC a better place. Congrats to Tom and thank you team for sensing what he can bring. :)

As Cat said, couldn't think of a better person for the job.

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