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Popular Topics: July 2014 (Now GDC News [blog] free!)

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Most popular topics for July

1) Random Thoughts - 821 posts

2) World Cup 2014 - 808 posts

3) Blasphemy And Genocide: Unpopular Green Day Opinions, Part 2 - 739 posts

4) Secrets Thread 3: Resurrection - 628 posts

5) Emily's Army - 476 posts

6) May the IVth GDC Regulars Club be with you... - 459 posts

7) GDCNN Updates - 396 posts

8) 'MURICA - 345 posts

9) Billie Joe & Avicii, Thoughts? - 331 posts

10) The Fashion Thread - 251 posts

Fans of the Week

July 12 - Emilie.

July 26 - Toddman8675309 (Todd.)

Static Noise Episodes

July 31 - 96: Green Day's going full EDM

Masterpieces of the Week

July 4 - The Masque Of The Red Death by Backyard Skulls

July 10 - Untitled by WestboundSign!

July 24 - Its Romantic Isn't It? By Maria Gloria


Members active: 602

New Members: 81

Total Visitors: 22,132

Most registrations in a single day: 7 (July 28th)

Single busiest day: July 4th

New Topics: 133

Total Posts: 16,201

Most posts by a single member: Not Anyone. (1,192 posts)

Total PMs sent: 232

Blog posts made: 55

Most viewed blog entry: Social Justice Alliance (1,053 views)

Most Liked Post: This post by captain peroxide

Total Rep Given: 12,515

I've added "Masterpiece of the Week" as well, check out the artists/photographers/finger painters! Overall it's been a slower month comparing these stats to last month. It still looks like Tom will hold onto his steak of having the most posts every month. Look out top posters, he's aiming to get you.

Are there any other stats you guys are interested in seeing? Is there anything else that you guys would like to be featured in this blog? Leave a comment below or send me a lovely PM.

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I get a steak for being top poster? :woot:

It's a secret message for something else ;)

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Jesus Christ, you butchered my username even worse than Sarcasm. It's in my pic for Christ's sake :P

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Jesus Christ, you butchered my username even worse than Sarcasm. It's in my pic for Christ's sake :P
I got the 8 right. I think.
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