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There Is No Flash In My Eyes.

Let's Live A Dream


Rusted tins and loaded bins

I lie here shrieking to the wind

I'm a pile, a mess, a broken coward,

looking at passers by

they move fast like robots

controlled by wealth

as I use stealth to hide

from what could be a sinister confrontation.

I have no light in my heart

there is no flash in my eyes

no sparkle to enlighten a lover

no creativity in my rugged head any more

I might jump off the highest mountain

to feel a buzz and to die.

The frequent swerve

they all ignore me

with their coffee breath

and their cigarette hands

this world isn't wholesome any more

it's a cubical of greed and sexual menaces.

Today I made a truce with myself

under a ragged piece of a sleeping bag

counting loose change

patting the concrete to swallow me up

to spit me out into the arms of someone

who might care enough to battle with me.

That truce is failing

I am soaked in stale beer

it seeped through the holes in my shirt

I stink and I'm on the brink.

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