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#14 Last Day of Shenanigans

It's Splash Time


Tuesday was my last official day of high school. There's still the dreaded exams, the leavers' lunch and the prom, but it was the last day of "classes" before exam leave. As would be expected, there was a fair amount of hype about it, and the build up to the last day was filled with various discussions as to pranks.

The first prank noticed upon our entrance to the school, and the one I was most interested in, was one guy's attempt to bubble wrap the entire library. We went straight to the library to check in on this attempt, reportedly started almost 2 hours before school. However, as we entered, he came out followed a senior member of staff. Later, we found out what had actually happened. He (and his volunteered helper) had bubble wrapped the floor, bookshelves etc.


Then the librarian had come in, pretty angry with them. The janitors had to take all of bubble wrap up, and the two boys had been sent to a teacher, who would have told them off had he not found the entire tale hilarious.

The next little prank noticed was the outline of a body made on the foyer floor in duct tape, originally with tape surrounding both it and the stairs nearby.


Much of first "lesson" (which I would have free anyway) was spent in the foyer, with most of the year getting their shirts signed. And the few who actually cared tried to organize the flash mob supposed to be occurring during break. There were vuvuzelas, bubbles, silly string, water balloons and water guns. Just a small hint of what went down. There was even a point where some teachers chucked us outside, ordering some people to mop up from the spilled bubbles and water. During the time outside, a few guys were chosen for target practice while others threw water balloons at them.

Break arose with me rushing off to see friends (who had been forced to stay in class first thing). The supposed flash mob started half-way through break and quickly turned into a mosh. The song, in case you were wondering, was a mash-up of various suggestions, everything from 5,6,7,8 to Call Me Maybe.

Break ended, with our year being told to go to their actual classes. I turned up to Maths long before anyone else in the class. Standing and chatting to the teacher, silently hoping the others would appear soon. When they did, it was only to ask for the teachers to sign their shirts, trying to spray them with water guns and telling stories of the day. It's not like any of the teachers expected us to even turn up.

As we were leaving the Maths corridor, a boy holding a giant inflatable banana was chased across the corridor by another boy in a monkey one piece suit. Our year of course. The full story included a boy in a tiger one piece chasing him and a boy with his zookeeper hat and badge chasing him.

Apparently a group of people ran into a classroom yelling "There's a troll in the dungeon!" before leaving. The teacher found it amazing.

So the rest of the "lesson" was spent back in the foyer. Gotta admit I got a little bored. When the bell rang for the next "lesson", the majority of our Chemistry class decided to go up to Chemistry. Although this was mainly because there was work that some people still hadn't finished that had to be in that day.

We were all sitting there, talking about what we are doing next year. Our other Chemistry teacher came in, asking if someone had requested "the Jelly Baby experiment". For those of you that don't know, it's basically where he puts a Jelly Baby in a boiling tube, while telling a little story, and eventually blows the Jelly Baby up using chemicals. One of the most requested demos at that school.

Just as we were getting excited for this, my friend burst in, telling us that we were going to set the balloons off now. So instead we had to hurry back to the other block. On a room on the first floor most of our year had already gathered, along with a few teachers and over a hundred helium-filled balloons in various colours.


There were a few speeches from the teachers, then we all rushed for the balloons and took the back stairs out. Standing outside, we counted down and released the balloons. It was a lovely ending to six years.



The problem was finding out later that some eejits in our year had tried to hide a rape alarm in the library. And filmed it, including the discovery of the hidden camera.

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