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See You Tonight: Word and Image

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This follows on from my Angel Blue inspired video. It's the next part in her story, when she finally gives in and goes out to meet the narrator from her song.

These are part of a bigger video project I'm doing, and this was to fit the theme "word and image".

Her overdressed appearance represents how she's unwittingly taking everything out with her, and the ominious feeling hints at how destructive this could become. I tried to mirror the metaphorical "party" theme on the trilogy, with "before the party", "party from hell" and the "morning after". There's no literal party, obviously, but it's a good metaphor to describe what's going on.

The next and last of this little series will be X-Kid, the "morning after".

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i've seen all your art works, from graphic ,short movie, photograph, novel, short stories to poems,...and one or the best is your videos works.

your video was made like profesionals do,..from the dark colour , the angle, the theme and the expression from the actrees was depict trully the soul of the songs,...the angel blue videos was masterpiece from you...you can amplify the song , the lyric and bring the viewer in to your point of view.

just like dark short stories........reminds me with dubliners from james joyce.

i really loved to join in to your more bigger art project,....i can help anything...bringin food, lighting or maybe sharing ideas.

from see you to night video i love how you open the song,..the images of the lonely girl in her room, the make up , the lipstick,..and i dont know you always show the main actress is alone seeing some one in the forrest,...it's enigmatic...

and i always notice the dress and the hair from the actress was so "punk"... i like it.

how many team involve in this video maria??


rage and love


ps: i'm sorry for my english,....i was not really good in it.

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Not sure if it would make sense to reply here or on your Vimeo, so I'll leave the same comment in both places - hoping it's OK.

I am yet to look at the entire series - starting from the back was probably not a good idea to begin with, but the imagery is very, very strong. And the fact that you're brave and confident enough to be the star of your own video is something to admire.

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Thank you both! There was just me and an assistant involved in making the videos. I sketched out all the scenes and set up the equipment, then got her to watch the camera and press the shutter since I had to play both characters.

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