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Twerking Class Hero: A VMA Love Story Chapter 1



Hey guys, this is my first attempt at writing a longer piece of fiction, hope you enjoy it.

Willie hated these music awards. Everyone just dressed up and licked each other's arses like monkeys. He sighed and took a swig of his root beer, scowling resentfully in his wife's direction. If she hadn't been here he could have had a drink, but he needed to be on his best behavior after the rehab incident. Oh well, give it a year or two and he'd be able to cut loose again. He shook his head, and glanced around at all the hustle and bustle. It was all a blur, half-naked girls, dancers dressed like idiots, pop star divas raising hell, the usual. He noticed a girl run by dressed like a slutty teddy bear and wondered what the fuck was up with the outfit. Then, he did a double take. "Is that - " he mumbled, but he didn't even need to finish the question. It was his biggest crush in the flesh - Liley Tyrus herself.

Liley's heart pounded in her chest. Originally she had been booked as just another time filler for the awards, but with her plan she was aiming to steal the show. "Fuck me I'm nervous" she muttered to herself as she scanned the crowd of her peers from backstage. "Could really do with a good-hhc" her voice caught in her throat as she glimpsed a familiar face in the crowd. "No, it can't be.." she thought as she flicked her eyes back to the short man with his tousled hair. It indeed could be. Willie Boe Strongarm, the man who's music had inspired her to break free from Disney's captive arms, and the focus of more than a few of her late night fantasies. "Well", she thought as she caught sight of his wife and grinned evilly "guess I'll have to give him a show he'll never forget".

Willie felt her eyes on him and smirked, his breath catching as he took in the image of the girl he liked to think of as his dirty Disney princess. She certainly looked dirty tonight, with her hot little body squeezed into the… whatever the fuck it was she was wearing. He shot a wary glance at his wife, but she was busy yukking it up with Justin Timberlake. He wondered if he could maybe get rid of her and enjoy the night in peace. From the way Liley had just glanced over at him, the night promised to be interesting, and if he could get some drinks in her (or better, himself), he was sure it'd be a night to remember. He licked his lips lasciviously at the thought, then his attention snapped to the screens showing what was going on onstage. Liley's performance was about to begin, and he didn't want to miss a second of it.

Liley smiled to herself as she caught Willie Boe undressing her with his eyes. His dumb simpering bitch of a wife was all over that washup Justin Timberlake, and he was obviously looking for some real entertainment. Never breaking eye contact with him, she slid her hand into the rubber shorts she wore, searching for her secret stash. Liley noticed his eyes widen in shock as she brazenly fondled herself in full view of the world media, before pulling out a small baggy of a white powder. "This'll get me going" thought Liley, as she tipped a little of the bag's contents onto her finger. She noticed Willie starting to sweat a little, and gave him her cheekiest wink as the powder disappeared up her nose. She staggered back sharply, and shook her head as her PA came running over to her calling her for positions onstage. She didn't remember much of the actual show, apart from a foam finger sliding between her legs, and some singer's cock trapped between her asscheeks. "I'm sure Willie got a show of a lifetime" she smirked to herself.

Willie's eyes widened and he clenched his hand convulsively as he watched Liley slide a bag of cocaine out of her panties. A slick sheen of sweat stole over his body and he bit his tongue viciously, trying to control the impulse to run over to her and snatch the baggie out of her hand. He moaned a little to himself, as she brought her nose to the white powder and winked at him as she snorted it. She was more than dirty, she was evil! He watched as she climbed into a huge teddy bear prop and disappeared from view, his eyes flicking over to the TV screens as the music started. As she entered the stage, her tongue firmly planted outside of her mouth, he felt his cock spring to attention and his jeans begin to feel terribly restricting. He casually leaned against the wall and crossed his legs, trying to hide the situation from his wife's prying eyes. But, things just got worse as Liley proceeded to shake her ass all over the stage, rubbing herself with a foam finger and rubbing up against some sleazy pop star. He felt a surge of jealous hatred for the man and promised himself that by the end of the night, he'd have Liley rubbing up against him instead.



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i just love you, with all my heart and soul

can't stop laughing

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I think Billie Joe would actually find this hilarious, I wish he'd read it :lol:

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