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"Words I Might Have Ate" being closed in favor of blogs.

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After some feedback from you guys and discussions with the team, I have decided to close down the "Words I Might Have Ate" forum once again in favor of the blog system.

I know it's been shitty asking you guys to go from platform to platform and to keep moving your work from one place to the other - but ultimately something just was never really working out.

Blogs will better serve creative writing where people can post their work and get feedback. I think it serves a better purpose than threads because people can see individual comments and view counts for each individual thing they post. In the long-run that type of feedback will better encourage people to use the sections.

The "Words" forum has now been made read-only, and will be removed at the end of the month. If you'd like to keep your work on GDC, I invite you guys to move over any creative writing posted there to the blogs system. Please only post one new blog per day, as to not take up the whole "Recent Blog Entries" on the right side. So either you can lump all your old work into one single blog post, or just copy them all somewhere else and post them once a day over some time.

I know change sucks, especially when it happens so frequently. We're going to stick with the blog system and will be holding a writing contest soon to invite more people to become involved in GDC's writing community.

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Slightly disappointed with the decision, I really liked WIMHA.. But back to blogs I suppose...

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I saw the thread in the Recent Topics list and freaked out for a second, thinking that you were going to delete the whole forum. :lol:

Reasons why I shouldn't pull an all nighter...

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disappointed...i never really got into writing anything creative in blogs, so i guess i will just never ever post anything creative anymore :P ...not sure whether i'd post much in words, though :lol:

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