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My artwork for the Jeff Matika Show. "Jeff Has The Best Nuts"*



My drawing for the "Your art could appear on the Jeff Matika Show" contest on the Idiot Nation :lol:

....and the "Biggest Jeff Matika Suck-Up Award 2013" goes to.... :lol:


Jeff Matika as a squirrel. :) Digital painting. I worked my ass off the entire week for it. :runaround:

ugh I don't like the hair fkgdjfghdh


Actually, I started another drawing as well but I had no time to finish it because of the damn short deadline. :(

I'm gonna finish it anyway and post it on GDC once it's ready :runaround: it's gonna be epic! It contains all 3 points:

*GD as animals

*historical event

*with a celebrity of the 1950s



*I lied. Billie Joe has the best 'nuts' :ninja:

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I love your drawing! It's very good!

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Thank you!! :wub: :wub:

I love it, you will win Flo!!!

there's nothing to win, actually :lol: but appearing in the show and getting roasted/ toasted is like a prize. :lol: haha :ninja: I guess..

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the detail is very amazing and the expression is honest and cute.

i like it

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