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Lyrics - Lonely Island

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Another new song. This one, as well as most of my newer ones that I will post for a little while, is based off of drawings I did. Enjoy!

Lonely Island

The length we lived on this floating mass

Severed drips of imaginary

drops on our lost mind

We're alone on canopy lines

in the living island speaking fictionally


Stars will live and stars will die

They fly by on chariot wings

or are we the ones moving light?

There isn't a day where the orchard sings

So our time is left for other things

Stars explode in whichever sky

and we're the ones to watch them die

There's a hole that's like your eyes

infinite inward and time to hatch

Over life and under you, but the catch is that I feel it, too

Under the tree where love can fly

awkwardly open as we pass by

Whispering to us like a waterfall

Soothing voices now come naturally

We'll watch the day like it watches us

By the fire we may sleep nightly



See the view and we're not alone

Melt the stars, call the island home

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I like this! The only thing I'll say is that:

"We're alone on canopy lines
in the living island where we're alone"

is kinda repetitive. "We're alone on canopy lines" is a fucking great line though.

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I ended up changing the line that Ballad said I should change. Although I intentionally made it repetitive, I realized that changing it would make a better song. And so I did. :P

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