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Lyrics - Silent Hill



Haven't done one of these in a while... :mellow: Anyway, here's another new song. It's based off of the Silent Hill video game series (well, maybe just the first four :P ). Enjoy!

Silent Hill

Hush little one, now don't you cry

This is where people go when they die

Not physically, but inside their mind

Now face your fears and see what you find

All alone or with your friends

or family members in defense

Silent Hill will make things right

and will allow you to pay the price


Sirens, sirens off in the distance

The world splits apart

Your chilling voyage has begun

You have reached the dark

Looking for your lost child

Only questions from above

Smother your wife to death

But only with your love

The god growing inside you

will punish you all to death

And you're trapped in a room with a locked door

21 deaths are what's in store

You really want to leave

But your role isn't done

Now face the problems within yourself

or you'll never see the sun



In your mind

you can see

your life in many ways

But which one

will you get

on the day to end all days?


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