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I Feel In Tune With You.

Let's Live A Dream


Cough up your heartache,

On the shirt of the world,

Pass me the bottle,

And we'll drink until the night passes,

The torch,

To the morning shine.

We're priceless companions,

Maybe even radical lovers?

We're fighters,

Looking at the aging face of reality,

Bashing the underbelly of deceit.

You're a mastermind,

A intellectual firecracker,

With vibrant hair,

And a smile that would enlighten any man.

I feel like an old warhorse,

That has fought for my place,

You're totally refined,

Like a fine wine,

You're dangerous,

But so am I.

The heartbeat that comes from you,

Is so calming and healthy,

I put my head there,

And I close my eyes.

I dream too much,

But what's wrong with that?

Why should I lie down to drama?

I should jump around and shout out,

My feelings that bubble under my skin.

Let's just drink,

Let's just smoke a little of the hard stuff,

I feel in tune with you,

Like a song that never loses balance.


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