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Lyrics - The Shortcut Express Tragedy

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Another song. Enjoy!

The Shortcut Express Tragedy

Here he comes

from his hometown

here he comes

westward bound

Now, he's leaving early

he must be on time, you see

And he turns on the T.V.

and he sees

that freedom's stock has gone down

running the money out of town

Now, the hunt's on

for a new living

but he can't help but hearing

the sound of America's ripped gown


He wanted a new living

but he would have to stop his breathing

It's too late to stop

He won't be on top

and freedom's lost its edge

But life still

goes on for him

and he thought he had it made

So the boardwalk

caught up to him and

forclosed his every hope

and now he's

picking up "loose" change.


His thoughts have taken their toll

it was too late, the poll already said so

There's no time to waste

and now he takes up space

Truly, he's lost his edge.

The hounds have

come up to greet him

And then he realized that

Time's rules had suddenly steepened

He's out of time

The company left him

Shaken up to the point of dying

His desires have blinded him

And now the rope game's what he'll be trying



He's given up...

Didn't think enough...

Composing of his bluffs...

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