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Lyrics - Iris

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Another song. Enjoy!


I've been listening to your words

Watching your every action

And no matter what you do you separate into fractions

Now I've come here to tell you

that you got to take action

and turn your doubts into newsworthy words

No matter where you go

you're always put down

And how long you've waited

to leave this town

But you're bound to those that want you to achieve

everything that you've never believed


But I see the spirit in your eyes

And it won't be long

until you say your goodbye's

I want you / to come with me

and be who you want to be

Now there's nothing left / the time has come

Turn your sound up / I'll be the drum

Let's show them / what you've become

I believed in you since the very beginning

I want to stand up for you when your head is spinning

Now let's take it to the town and go out loud

Your personality shines through your eyes

Giving you away in your best disguise

Now what are you hiding?

Take it away!

Show your true colors;

Be yourself and I'll show you the way


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