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Lyrics - The Clock And I

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Another new song. Enjoy!

The Clock And I

Oh, I see the hands go walkin'

all along the bedroom floor

myseriously working right out that little door

we call life

And I gaze at the glass casing

Oh, the red seconds are racing

Time just ticks away

staring at me and my own face



The minutes and the hours

making me so paranoid

My mind is up and chasing

the youth that's slowly fading

But just make no mistake

that when I punch it in the face

The gears will go spinning

faster than they've ever been

And then I see the numbers

walk right back in the door

Conspiracies go swerving

But I ain't got time for any more


But just make no mistake

that I'm not as crazy as you may think

But the numbers come in pairs

waltzing right up the stairs


The hands cannot control me

The numbers, they don't know me


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