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Lyrics - The Glitch

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This is my attempt at a "Jesus Of Suburbia" or "Homecoming" type song. I actually think it came out rather well. :D Enjoy!

The Glitch (All In Static / Unholy Pacifism / Explosions / The Inspector's Return / The Glitch)

All In Static:

All in static

All in panic

The world's in static

The people in panic

Everything's in static

You can feel it coming

Everybody's running

You can't let the sun in

The burning chaos

hiding within

Static! (x5)

All in static! (x5)

Unholy Pacifism:

(In static) "I'm just a glitch in the system... Me and my unholy pacifism..."


Let's get this over with

Time to destroy this modern myth

The children of no one

but the smoking gun

Needless to say this war isn't won

My pacifism, cataclysm

Forced conviction, expedition

All our downfalls

All our withdrawls...

I just can't keep the peace!

No one to help me

All the people flee

No one's there holding the key

Come in! (x3)


I'm just sitting around

watching the world go 'round

Watching all of us fall

and there's no one to call

Watch the stars collide

and nobody can hide

The explosions break out

in the sky

Explosions shatter the Earth

The higher power's fugitive birth

But there's nothing I can do

except catch you

Now here's your cue...

(In static) "Eliminate all glitches! We will lead the world to greatness! We ARE greatness!" (echoes out)

The Inspector's Return:

I'll save you...

I'll save you...

Just come with me

and you'll be free

The inspector's coming

just keep running

Just come with me

and you'll be free...

Here he comes

as dark as

an extinguished sun

The chain behind him

you can hear it sing

The birth of a fight

the death of a dream

I'll save you...

I'll save you...

The Glitch:

We're all just a glitch

the annoying itch

on our overlords

The secrets they hide

The things they decide

We're nothing... or are we?

The world is a glitch! (x3)

The newfound seed

of the people we need

From the sky to the sea...

But we're not the glitch!

The only glitch here

is thee...

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