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Lyrics - The Inspector



Another custom song! This one was inspired by the song "Major Minus" by Coldplay, and I REALLY like how it turned out. :D Hope you all like it!

The Inspector

Do you feel like I do?

Do you tend to feel it, too?

'Cause they always tend to know what you knew

Can you see the videotape

all across the datascape?

And there is no way to escape


The recording cam's on you

And I hope you feel it, too

'Cause wherever you go

they're always watching you

He wants to keep you in line

So that he can find

an easy way to get ahold of you

So can you see the videotapes

The subconcious caution drapes

Covering everything you knew


But he can't let you know

But I will still bestow

all my freedom onto you

But when our voice is clear

and it echoes in his ear

We'll regain everything that we hold dear


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Guest RedStrokes


......... :cry: Louie I nearly cried.

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