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Beautiful Wreck: A Poem.

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Let's Live A Dream


I thought you were indestructible?

A piece of armor no one could pierce,

But now you’re losing the will and the defenses,

You are crashing and colliding,

With reality,

You’ve extracted the juice from realism,

Now everything you see is fake,

And you are destined to hit the tender nerve,

Of a world you created.

I see that you are weak,

On the ground clawing through the dirt,

Looking to bury your pain,

You are such beautiful wreck,

You think of yourself as a mistake.

The brutal truth,

Comes like a bad smell,

You dreamt,

When you slept on that cardboard,

That you were going to create,

A life for yourself,

With a dashing prince kissing you every minute.

I look on,

Do I really want to intervene?

Do I have the cleanest of souls?

That would be no,

But I’m sure I could aid her,

With a shrug of the shoulders,

I pick her up.

She is cold,

Battling her inner struggles,

I cover her with my coat,

And streetlamps offer her a spotlight,

All she craved was some light,

To cover the darkness that swirled around her.

I take to a safe haven,

I give her tea,

And I listen to her,

For the first time,

I feel like I’ve aided a stranger,

I’ll help her embark on creating a life

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I really like the rhyme and rhythm usage in this poem. It flows very well and made for a very interesting read. Great job!

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