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Introducing the GDC Team.



We have so many dedicated people here on GDC so this is our way of introducing each and every single one to you. I'm sure a lot of you don't know every team member, so this is your way to get to know them. The list is sorted in alphabetical order by their username incase you wanted to skip to a certain team member, but we both know you don't.

Andres (Admin/moderator):

Hello fellow humans,

My name is Andres (if you're not Spanish, Mexican or Latino, my name is pronounced on-dress. If you are Spanish, Mexican, or Latino, I'm so sorry). My friends call me Fuzz, a nickname I received in high-school because of my short hair (on my head, my nickname based on my pubic hair is not appropriate for this site). I live in New Mexico, USA. I run GDA and GDC. I don't run them well, but hey look, they're still online (most of the time). I've been a Green Day fan since 2001-ish, and have been running these sites since 2004. My standard day goes something like this: read Twitter, read emails, play SimCity, read Twitter again, eat lunch, nap, and start the process all over. It's a grueling lifestyle and I expect when a Lifetime made-for-tv movie about my life is released, it will get the lowest viewership in the channels existence and possibly cause a revolution against terrible television programming. If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or just want to talk, send me an email andres@greendayauthority.com. Chances are I won't reply right away, or maybe ever, but sometimes I will and all the trouble you went through will be entirely worth it.

BeachBum (Media mod/Moderator):

Hello my fellow GDC'ers!

My name is Val, but seeing as you are GDC members you need not concern yourself with that, just keep calling me Bum both online and in real life. I arrived on this planet called as earth 23.75 years ago. I live near that city with tall pointy building in Canada, better known as Toronto.

I first heard Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) in 2001. However, seeing as BSB was far more important to the 11 year old me, it took until American Idiot was released figure out it was a Green Day song. This fabulous thing known as Google lead me to GDA around the same time. I joined the team back on Oct 25th 2010 as a chat moderator. Two years later someone had the bright idea to make me orange (they must have had a momentary lapse of sanity.) I am in charge of masterpiece of the week, the GDA picture vault, and on occasion create contests for you lovely folk.

When I am not out and about taking photographs for school I can be found in the art studio with a pencil or paintbrush in hand. If you really want you can see my work in my lovely blog. I would say follow me on twitter but I hardly use the thing, so just stick with the basics and send me a pm.

captain peroxide (Admin/moderator):

Alex here. 21 and I live in Madison, Wisconsin, although I'm originally from the UK. I've been on GDC for around 6 years. Christ. That just sunk in.

I first heard about Green Day right after Warning came out, although at that point I hadn't started buying CDs, so I mostly just listened when they came on the radio. I became a significantly more dedicated fan when American Idiot came out, and I've loved them ever since. They're not my favorite band to listen to, but they're the one that's closest to my heart, mostly because, without Green Day, I would never have joined GDC. I lurked for a year or so without posting very much, but somehow, Andres still managed to notice me. I became a moderator, and an admin pretty shortly afterwards. Although I don't post nearly as much as I used to (life tends to get in the way), I'm here most every day. Through GDC, I've met some of my closest friends in the world, and had some incredibly exciting and rewarding experiences, and this forum will always be important to me because of that.

When I'm not online, you'll most likely find me playing guitar, hanging out with my friends, broadcasting on the radio, or, very occasionally, going to class. Follow me on Twitter (@captainperoxide), or check out my band, One Last Run, on Facebook.

Cat C (Community manager):

Hey there GDC, I’m Cat C but you can call me Cathy. I’m 20 years old and live in the North East of England nearby an industrial town, which back in ’07 was labeled “Worst Place to Live in Britain” and has proudly lived up to those standards ever since. I began my eight-year love affair with Green Day upon the release of American Idiot in 2004. After dancing around like a lunatic to the album’s title-track for hours with my cousin, I was given the CD for my next birthday, and have worshipped it like a bible ever since.

I came across GDA while scouring the internet for pictures of the band; becoming a regular to keep up with the latest news, and to share my thoughts with other fans in the comments. I became the top rated commenter under the spur-of-the-moment username “Cat C”, and in 2010 made the transition from that to this forum. Offline, I spend most of my time going out and spending time with my friends, or writing song lyrics. It’s my goal to become a pop lyricist in the future, and if you’d like, you can check out some of my work on my GDC blog.

One of the main reasons I joined GDC was because I love meeting and talking to new people, so feel free to give me a PM if you want to chat about anything community-related, or if you just want a new friend. You can also follow me on Twitter at @CathyCwaffy.

Hermione (Moderator):

Hello, I'm Hermione. I'm 27 and live in the small town of Bury St Edmunds, in Suffolk in southern England. I got into Green Day when I heard American Idiot in 2005, I promptly fell in love with it and then with all their other albums as I bought them one by one, and so my obsession was born. I got my sister hooked on them too and since then we can often be found singing along loudly to their songs or failing around at their shows. I stumbled across GDC 5 years ago having finally got on the internet a few months before and being on the look out for all things Green Day. I found it was a wonderful place filled with fabulous people, hence why I'm still here! As well as Green Day I enjoy lots of other music (especially rap music, Muse and Rammstein), coming up with strange food concoctions, going out for an occasional few drinks, and most of all spending time with my lovely 5 year old nephew.

You can find me all over the forum at all kinds of random times, and if you ever have any questions or anything you need help with feel free to send me a message. Hugs and kisses to you all.

HolidayContradiction (Chat mod):

Hey! I’m Holiday, HC or Contradiction. Some call me Marte and I’ll wish you luck with pronouncing it. I’m from Norway. The part that’s north of the Arctic Circle to be exact. Where the Northern Lights dance across the skies and the Midnight Sun keeps us awake all night.

I got into Green day somewhere in the American Idiot era. Holiday was probably the first song I heard by them as one guy at my school attempted to play it on the guitar all the time. I’ve followed GDA since then because I found it to be the best and most updated fan page. Unfortunately I didn’t join GDC until recently, because I was too lazy to find a username, but now I’m glad I did because it’s an amazing place where I’ve met a lot of awesome people and gotten new friends.

When I’m not on GDC, I try to spend as much time possible with my three year old cousin. He’s adorable, even when he wakes me up at 6 am in the morning. I also go to college and have applied for transfer to universities in the States next year, but I’m not sure what to study yet so we’ll see where I end up.

If you’ve got any questions just PM me or PC me in chat. Feel free to follow me on twitter (@mirtttt) or my blog (http://holidaycontradiction.wordpress.com/)

Jaymee!! (Moderator):

Hey guys! I'm Jaymee. Currently 23 years of age (but only for another 5 months) and residing in Ottawa, Canada. I've been a Mod on GDC since the summer of 2011 and ran the Fan Of The Week segment on GDA for about 3 months. In the real world, I am a concessions manager in an NHL hockey arena (Ottawa Senators) and a clothes jockey at Old Navy.

Unlike most, I got into Green Day during the Warning era. It was the Minority video that had me hooked, and the disgusting hilarity of the Warning video was the clincher. My dad was a Green Day fan and bought the album, and I would sit in the living room and sing along to every song with gusto (even putting emphasis on the 'fuck them all' in Minority, against my mom's wishes). An original copy of Dookie was discovered on the cd rack shortly after, and the rest is history.

I've traveled around North America and popped into the UK for a bit to see them on stage and on Broadway, and each time was an experience I will always treasure and never forget. The people I've shared my adventures with are the ones who've made it all worthwhile, and I hope to meet as many GDCers as I can along the way. Current tour plans take me to Brooklyn and Toronto in April, so I'll see you there!

If you feel inclined to do so, check out my Twitter and Instagram, both under the name amzitosnup. Not down for that? Just shoot me a message on the forum and I'll get back to you ASAP. Cheers!

Jimmy (Moderator):

Hello all, my name is Jimmy and I am the Managing Editor on GDA and a Mod over here on GDC. I became a Green Day fan in 2004 when I saw one of my friends reading the Ameircan Idiot booklet when I was in fifth grade. That night I heard American Idiot for the first time and I was hooked. Before working for GDA I ran three other Green Day sites where I tried to run GDA out of business. Then one day Andres asked me to join the GDA team in 2009 and I promptly dropped everything else I was doing. While I spend most of my time working on GDA I still can be found lurking around on the forum quite often.

Outside of the Green Day world I am a senior in high school and live in the lovely state of New Jersey. Shockingly, we are not all like the people you see on MTV's Jersey Shore. I enjoy photography and I can often be seen taking pictures at shows all over new Jersey and New York. If you'd like you can see some of my work over on my website.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch with me for any reason feel free to send me and email, jimmy@greendayauthority.com, or a tweet, @jtdscape.

John. (Moderator):

I'm John. Don't be fooled by the generic red badge under my avatar, I'm actually a senior mod and Andres owes me a special purple banner (seriously Fuzz, can I have one?). Anyway, I've spent an eternity on this forum, and a pretty damn long time being a mod too, which at this point makes me like a rather eccentric yet inexplicably lazy professor, who can't be fired because of tenure. Be assured GDC, I will be here until North Korea conquers the world and repurposes the internet to host all of Kim Jong Un's extra chins.

But there's a good reason I've spent damn near a third of my life here, and that reason is GDC is the awesomest fucking place on the internet and trust me, you won't find better. Stay awhile, you'll see.

If it interests you, I'm a fan of the albums Dookie, Warning, and 21st Century Breakdown, and some of the songs before, after, and in between, but I'm not the most fanatical Green Day listener these days so don't expect me to find you some obscure Sweet Children bootleg. That's what my other comrades are for, and some of them are really damn good at it. But you can definitely count on seeing me around General Chat, Shenanigans, and the Advice Forum and sometimes even drifting among the blogs.

Sometimes I frequent the chat room too, if you're having an issue in there and the greenies are all playing hookie, you can send a PM my way. I will also help settle any conflicts on the forum (though I'd rather you all just play nice to begin with), and I can do any merging, splitting, locking, moving, and capitalizing the thread titles you need. Just think of me as your go to guy for forumside issues. You'll mostly see me in the evening and AM hours of the Eastern time zone, I'm a night person. And I'm more approachable than I look, I swear.

Katarina (Moderator):

Hi everyone! I’m Kat, turning 20 next month. I live in the Netherlands/land of windmills, tulips and clogs which is why you may also refer to me as one of the GDC Dutchies.

I got into Green Day in 2004 after seeing their music videos on TV. The first song I heard was probably either When I Come Around or BOBD. Around the same time I found out about GDA and checked it daily. Funny enough it took me a while to really listen to American Idiot as I remember being obsessed with Nimrod and Warning first. I joined GDC in late 2007 for a reason I can’t remember, but didn’t start posting until a year later. I became an active member when the first threads were made in anticipation of 21st Century Breakdown. The tour threads from that era were the place to be, so you might also find me following the tour threads this year. If not I'm probably lurking and posting around the forum, mostly in General Chat, the Advice Forum, Other Bands and a few other threads I follow.

Outside of GDC I go to university in Amsterdam, taking classes about history, philosophy and art. I like listening to music, reading, cycling, eating chocolate and going to gigs.

Feel free to PM me if you have questions or you’d simply like to chat for whatever reason :)

Liam (Media mod/moderator):

Hey guys, Liam here. I'm 17 years old and come from Brisbane, the capital of Queensland in Australia. I joined GDC back in 2009 and joined the moderating team in 2011 as media mod to look aftet the download section. I got into Green Day back in 2005 after my brother bought BIAB and introduced me to a whole new world of music, I was previously into the Black Eyed Peas. I first say Green Day live on December 8th 2009 and saw them again the next night. Outside of GDC I spend my time trying to find a job while also helping run a open mic night every month. I've recently been "hired" by old high school to help with the musical, an Australian version of Fame.

When I'm not doing any of that and spending my time on GDC, I'm usually dedicated to try and make this place anyway better as well as constantly trying to keep the download section up to date (that I worked so long on. I highly suggest checking it out and getting involved, really, its great. You can usually find me around all random places on GDC at all different times.

Thats just about it but feel free to send me a PM if you ever need to or follow me on twitter at @LiamGDC

Lindsay (Chat mod):

Hey guys! I'm Lindsay and I'm 19 years old (20 in about 3 weeks though). I live in Canada, more specifically Calgary, Alberta. I'm the newest chat mod on the team but I've been active in chat for almost 3 years, more like 7/8 years if you count the now non-existant GDA chat as well.

Just like almost everyone else here, I got into Green Day in 2004 when American Idiot came out. American Idiot was the first song I ever (knowingly) hear by them and it instantly got me hooked and is the reason I'm here today. I was an active member on GDA back in 2005, and also had an account on GDC back in 2005 but didn't post much. I decided to start fresh and I rejoined the forum in March 2010. For the first year or so I hid in chat and didn't post a whole lot on the forum but one day my shell got broken and now I'm just as active on the forum as I am in chat. You can normally find me posting in the General Chat and Advice sections, as well as in the chat.

Outside of my interwebz life I'm in my second year of university, aiming for a major in marketing and a minor in human resources.

Now for my shameless plug, if you'd like you can follow me on my twitter account, @flyingcanadian. Don't be afraid to send me a PM either if I can help you with anything. :)

lizziebix (Moderator):

Hi! I’m Marilyn (or mar). Lizzie Bix is the heroine of the great American novel I’ve been writing my whole life. One day I might even write it down. :)

Got into Green Day when I met my now hubby and he owned a cassette of Dookie. Fast forward to the AI era and we were overwhelmed by the new album, music, and videos. But life moved on and it wasn’t until the 21st Century Breakdown tour that something came over me and I knew I HAD TO SEE GREEN DAY LIVE. Luck would have it and I was able to secure 2 tickets for the Chicago show in July, 2009 two days before the show. And it blew me (us) away.

Over the next couple of months I came across GDA and hung out there to gather as much information as I could about the band and their music. Finding, and joining, GDC and the tour threads, with like-minded fans, was one of my best decisions.

I’m here most days/nights/weekends (sounds like I have no life but I do)! Feel free to PM me anytime. Twitter’s under my username (@lizziebix) but I don’t tweet much. And while I have fb, my irl friends say I don’t because I’m rarely on there.

Hope to talk to more and more of you more often.

Lone (Chat mod/Moderator):

Hello. I am Lone but you can call me Lone. I was created 21 years ago and I live in the region that got pissed on by Sandy and dumped on by Nemo.

I discovered Green Day by going through the ringtone store and then things got off from there. I found GDA in 2005 and dwelled in the chat where they trusted me to be an admin. I also ventured into GDC a little later that year where I got in trouble for causing trouble with a few fellow chat members. Fast forward to three years ago and they've yet again made the mistake of trusting me with powers.

I enjoy solving medical mysteries, driving my friends around in a groovy van, and boss around my little yellow minions around. If you want to get to know me more feel free to drop a comment on my profile, shoot me a private message, or actually come into the chat and say hi! If you want to stalk me you can follow me at @lonedini on Twitter.

Lúthien Tinúviel (Moderator):

Hey, Bryony here - Mod Code Number 64215. I even have it tattooed on the back of my neck 'cause Andres said it was a vital part of being in the team.

Anyway, here's some stuff you didn't want to know about me, but I'm gonna tell you anyway. I'm 19 years old (what a stupid age - bring on twenty!!) and I'm from England. The North of England that is, don't confuse me with those Southerners that lurk around here n'all. I got into GDC about two and half years ago, just before the Wembley Stadium gig on the 19/06/10 (if you were there, hit me up and we can reminisce about old times). I poisoned the water system so you would all like me and then I set about brainwashing Andres and the rest of the team so I would become a staff member.

Outside of GDC I have no life. Nah just kidding, I go to university where I nerd it up on Philosophy, History and English Literature. I also enjoy going to gigs, host 3 radio shows every week through the student radio, enjoy getting copiously drunk every once in a while, and I also love to travel.

If you enjoy any of things mentioned in the above Lonely Hearts column, please contact me through the Private Messaging system on GDC. Or follow me on twitter (@BeingBryony).

Matt. (Moderator):

Hello everyone, my name is Matt. I reside in the state of Iowa, belonging to the township of Iowa City. This is the United States, in case you were wondering. I have been a Green Day fan since 2005 after I listened to American Idiot the first time. I first joined GDC in 2006 and then the GDA team in 2009. I am also currently the host of the Static Noise podcast, where we talk weekly about Green Day and all the news.

Outside of the Green Day world, I am a student at the University of Iowa, currently in my Junior year of studies. I am also a musician. I both record covers and write my own material.

If you'd like to get in touch with me to talk about anything at all, feel free to message me on Twitter (@chinanderm) or email me: matt@greendayauthority.com.

pasalaska (Moderator):

Hello, I'm Aska (hence the witty spelling of my username), I'm in the 22nd year of my life and I hail from the small city of Perth, Western Australia, though I currently reside in Canada.

I got into Green Day when American Idiot came out, after finding myself liking Holiday, BOBD and American Idiot on the radio. From then on I've been visiting GDA pretty much every day. I joined GDC a little while after my first Green Day concert (December 2005) to see the tour threads, but I didn't become an active member until 2009, in the lead-up to Green Day's tour of Australia.

Outside of GDC, I work as a barista, saving up money to fund travelling and concerts (and travelling to concerts); in 2010 I followed Green Day across 16 dates of their summer tour, which was one of the best experiences of my life. I roller skate and play Roller Derby (though I'm currently on a hiatus), and entertain my boring hermit self by spending far too much time on Reddit, and trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up.

I have a twitter account that you're welcome to follow (@pasalaska), and a YouTube channel that's filled with all of my concert videos that I think you might like: http://www.youtube.com/user/AskaGreenDay


Sarcasm (Moderator):


21 years old


I got into Green Day when my sister bought the AI CD in 2004, and I listened to it through her door. I would physically press my ear against the key hole. Some time later I discovered the internet, and Limewire. With Limewire I got a bunch of other GD songs, I just searched for the band and got a load of random songs, some with wrong titles and such. I remember downloading Basket Case, thinking its name was "do you have the time".

I found GDA MANY years ago, but I never knew about GDC until 2009 or late 2008.

I became more active after 21ctBD was released, and after AAF. I became a mod in the fall 2012 after many nude pictures were sent to all the admins.

If you're wondering about something, you can find me here or send me an email at olapola@live.no or drop me a line on facebook. My twitter is irrelevant. But I do have 20 followers for no reason, @othersmisery.


Sleeper Agent. (Chat mod):

Hey, I'm Riley, I'm from that little country next to Australia called New Zealand. I have been chat mod the longest out of the 3 current chat mods (And they still think I'm their intern.) I've been on GDC since April 2011, when I was 14. This makes me the youngest staff member currently on GDC. I have been a chat mod since mid July last year: I still have no idea why they thought I'd be a suitable chat mod, but oh well.

Stuff that you should know about me, I really like music, like playing instruments, I love bass the most, listening to music and talking about music. As for Green Day related stuff I prefer the older half of their discography, like up to Warning at latest, don't ask me why, I just prefer the songs generally to later stuff. But that is no need to say "Oh my god, he hates AI, and all that stuff!!!!" I still like their newer stuff, I just prefer the older stuff. musically I like most genres, just artists within said "genre" I like, I like them, not just because they are said genre.

I'm mostly active in the evening for you people in EST and stuff, because of going to school and all that. I'll almost always be in chat when I'm on GDC, I do go into the forums quite often, though not consistently.

Tre's Busted Drumkit (Moderator):

Hi GDC, my name's Ben. I live in the State of Confusion and have come to enjoy it there. I first heard GD back in the Dookie era, and while songs like "Basketcase", "When I Come Around", "Brain Stew/Jaded" and "Good Riddance" were always on my mix CDs, it wasn't until a high school friend gave me a copy of International Super Hits that I really began to follow the group. American Idiot is the album that really sealed me as a Green Day fan; it spoke to and inspired me at a point in my life where inspiration was in short supply. Didn't save my life or any cool shit like that, but it did help me out on some deep level--and it still does today. I joined GDC sometime in 2010, and after sitting dormant for a long damn time, finally became active shortly after the Chula Vista, CA, show that summer. Even though it was supporting one of Green Day's weakest albums, 21CB, the songs came alive onstage with a raw energy that the album lacked, and I left that show relatively certain that GD are capable of being one of the best studio bands out there, and are definitely one of the best live acts you'll see. If you haven't yet, do so. I highly recommend an outdoor amphitheatre show.

You'll see me online at all kinds of random-ass hours. My job has a very unpredictable schedule, so I'm as likely to be messing around on here in the early afternoon as I am to be uploading data files to a client's site in the middle of the night. If you want to talk to me, piss and moan, start an argument, troll me, or just want to hear a good joke, PM me anytime. PMs are answered in order of entertainment value, so keep that in mind when writing me. Toodles.


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On- dress? hahaha it doesn't sound as it sounds on spanish at all! hahah it should be like this an-dress

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On- dress? hahaha it doesn't sound as it sounds on spanish at all! hahah it should be like this an-dress

Spanish "an-dress" is closer to enligsh "on-dress". Hence the distinction.

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Guest Just Another Joe


Since we're discussing our friendly neighborhood GDC team, I'd like to share something. I remember when I first met Riles (Riley) about a year ago and everyone called him by his first name except me, 'cause I just met him. Every time he was in chat I gave him such a hard time just so I could call him by his first name. He finally gave up and said "go ahead". Now, I noticed many people calling him "Riles". I gave him an even harder time just to be able to call him what I call him today. All I can say now is thank god he wasn't a mod back then, or else I probably would of been banned in a second! :lol:

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Its great getting to know the people behind the functioning of GDA and GDC. :)

Keep up the good work guys!

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Quite honestly, every bio after Andres's sucked. You guys just don't know how to write. Andres is so eloquent.

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Quite honestly, every bio after Andres's sucked. You guys just don't know how to write. Andres is so eloquent.

Well everyone has their own way to writing, don't see you had to go as far as to insult the rest of us?

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"My name is Andres (if you're not Spanish, Mexican or Latino, my name is pronounced on-dress. If you are Spanish, Mexican, or Latino, I'm so sorry)"

I laughed so hard.

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Well everyone has their own way to writing, don't see you had to go as far as to insult the rest of us?

Don't worry Liam. He's just being a dick for the sake of it.

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Quite honestly, every bio after Andres's sucked. You guys just don't know how to write. Andres is so eloquent.

Ha, I'm not a writer and this isn't a writing contest.

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Quite honestly, every bio after Andres's sucked. You guys just don't know how to write. Andres is so eloquent.

English isn't even my first language, and Liam, the poor thing, is from Australia.
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Quite honestly, every bio after Andres's sucked. You guys just don't know how to write. Andres is so eloquent.

I'd love to see something from you.

Funny thing, when you have a word that you assign possession to and it already ends with an s, you don't put another s after the apostrophe. There's a lesson for you.

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I'd love to see something from you.

Funny thing, when you have a word that you assign possession to and it already ends with an s, you don't put another s after the apostrophe. There's a lesson for you.

I actually wouldn't agree with that. In this case good example would be just a simple sentence "It's a James's car." As far as my grammar classes at the University are concerned, that's the correct usage of Saxon genitive.

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But would you say "It's James's car?" with the "a" removed?

I don't give s shit as long as I understand whats been written.
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Foreigners being pedantic about correct usage of the English language, gotta love it :P

And Matt's right, btw.

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Foreigners being pedantic about correct usage of the English language, gotta love it :P

And Matt's right, btw.

I just say what I've been taught ;)

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Bastard of 1967


Spanish "an-dress" is closer to enligsh "on-dress". Hence the distinction.

"In-dress" would also be for a different venue, yes? :P

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