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He Returns!



Yesterday my brother, Harley, returned from University for his reading week to come back to Bermuda. I'm excited because I really do miss him when he's not here. Despite the seemingly worldwide consensus that siblings fight and cannot stand each other, I look up to my brother. He's gotten me into a lot of the music I listen to today and has shaped me as a person. I love him so much, I really look up to him as a role model.

Anyway, he's at University of Western Ontario and I'm super jealous of him because of the whole 'I hate middle school' thing blah blah blah. I cannot stand school, it's not just a phase, it's not just the school I'm in, but I love to learn and I dream of university frequently. You can imagine that I badger him a lot for details about everything. On top of it all, him being in an actual place where bands tour to enables him to see a lot of live music acts which I've never been exposed to, so I ask him about that too.

Him coming back to the island this time is even more exciting however, because he got to bring one of his friends from university too! On Canadian thanksgiving Harley went to this guy's house in Canada and Harley invited him back to Bermuda. He's really nice, and he's small just like Harley. They skateboard together. Also, there are one of the few people who don't drink excessively or party too much in university so I guess that brought them together.

I think It'll be exciting having them both around for a week. Harley's friend's not been to Bermuda before so Harley claims he's going to take him cliff jumping. Yeah right, in February the water's still freezing! (at least for us who have felt it in the summer...).

Meanwhile I have to go back to school on Monday having just finished my Valentine's break. School is just the last place I want to be right now. Hopefully Harley will come in to school to say hi to some of his past teachers and he can get me out of class.

Also, here's another spot of poetry for you, it's called Recede:

I carry on my person

a cheese grater

at all times,

Just in case there's not enough

of me

to fill my outsides.

It's a comfort to know that as I recede

into a stagnant being,

I can shave away the wasted bits

that are hardly worth seeing.

As I dissolve into the air

I can shave my elbows

till they're red and bleeding

scrape the eczema off to gain some feeling in this shell,

in these limbs

they're receding.

Dead weights;

denatured skin cells.

I am too little to fill a cup

It can't be half empty of half full

- there's simply not enough

of me.

I take comfort as I recede

as I shrink into this carapace case

this suctioning shroud,

in that I'll always be ready

to be in a happy place

to sculpt my nose off of my face

Grind my feet to shavings - to stubs


as one recedes

one must always be ready

to emery board those fingernail nubs.


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