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Story of the Year: #5 - Letter to God



The story continues with Benjamin's thoughts about what he has done since the previous time we heard from him.

To clarify all the songs that have been written here may or may not be about me. Some are fictional, some are based on real events.

5. Letter to God

I have done some bad things in my life

But I know you will always stand by my side

Your wish we all should learn to obey

But it's difficult with a city in disarray

I am in shock I have to do these things

But I know the correct things need to be done

And despite that today it might us sting

It will be better for all of us in the long run

God surely you have a master plan

And I'm a person in your hands

You are the patron that watches from above

And gives us hope, wishes and lots of love

I can still see nightmares of all the people

Screaming and trying to escape the flames

The flames that I made and were in my control

It's much worse in reality than in a videogame

People don't realize there's a huge sacrifice

That needs to be made, but they are too afraid

And of course those things they will despise

And they won't see the bigger picture instead

God surely you have a master plan

And I'm a person in your hands

You are the patron that watches from above

And gives us hope, wishes and lots of love

I have no regrets

Not a single one

I've removed big threats

Those had to be done

This was a good talk

My good and only friend

I now have to walk

We'll talk later



God surely has a master plan

And we are all ready on his demand

Although we might not always understand

We can always count on our creator's mighty hands

Again I would appreciate any questions or comments in the comment section below.


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If this is a song, I'm assuming that you're Christian? In my opinion, this seems like more of a poem, or possibly even a prayer than a song. That doesn't mean it's bad though, because I found the whole thing very touching and I think that it is a beautiful piece of writing. Really. Good. The only thing I might change would be the last stanza. Because the satnza before it ended with 'Sincerely Ben', it feels as though it should've ended there. Maybe that last bit could be put somewhere else...? Yeah, I'm not too sure on what you could do without just taking the whole stanza out, which would be a shame because those last two lines of it are possibly my favourite out of the entire piece.

sooooooooo... keep up the good work :)

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sooooooooo... keep up the good work :)

Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it. It makes me feel like I should continue to show my work.

Regarding the comment, yes I'm Christian but I'm not very religious. I believe in God though and this writing is like half-truth/half-fiction as it is part of the story. This song was actually to be called "A Prayer" at first but I felt like a letter would be more symbolic and would be a better title for the song.

About the last stanza, yeah I understand your point of view but with the music and all it was logical to go back to the chorus. I did change the chorus for the last stanza though so that it would make sense as kind of something Benjamin thinks after his prayer/letter has ended.

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