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One for the Ballad

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"Invisible" - Lyrics by da Ballad

Entry posted


Invisible song. Yeah. Yeah I like that.

Anyways, hi GDC blog. I am terribly sad and horrible and I was writing this really awful shit when I realized it would be kind of fun to not just write through the exact words I wanted to say, but be less obvious. It's still pretty damn obvious but you get what I mean. Anyways, yeah. Read them if you want.

I watched the powerlines go up

Men in orange then followed them

Then I watched the wires all get stuck

Then the tired men began again

It took some time but then they finished

The wires stood still, the sun got lower

I tried to keep them still as best I could

But you can’t stop the sky from falling over

And the poles stood tall

I made them with my heart

So when I watched them fall

You can guess it was hard

But I guess sometimes there’s nowhere to go

Sometimes the electricity, despite the heat, just doesn’t flow

And I need your hands to help me pick this up once more

But I don’t know where you went and my strength is on the floor

I heard the wind rip through my house

Stood by and watched it run through

I didn’t think to get out or try to move

I just stood frozen still and thought of you

The hardest part of letting go of something you watched grow

Is convincing yourself you’re happy, even when you already know

So when I walk sometimes I’ll look up to the sky

See the powerlines as some black birds pass by

And the next time they crash on me like they’ve crashed before

I’ll be ready for this aching heart once more

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Really love this! The last four lines are my favourites. You have some great metaphors in here.

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Thank you Maria :)

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