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Review of the 2013 Kerrang! Tour - 9/2/13



So after getting free tickets to this show (join your student media people, it's worth it!), my friend and I headed to Liverpool O2 Academy to go see the four bands on the bill play: Fearless Vampire Killers, Tonight Alive, Chiodos and Black Veil Brides. Now, I'm not a particular fan of any of these bands but I figured I would withold judgement until I'd seen them live in case they were magnificent.

We didn't queue for long because by the time we picked our wristbands up from the box office, the queue was already moving. The O2 Academy in Liverpool is actually really quite big for an academy, the walls are black, the ceiling is black and also, for tonight, the floor was black. I think pretty much every single person in there was wearing black. There was enough black nail varnish to paint walls again I reckon. I was wearing blue jeans and a grey jumper, and I stuck out like a sore thumb. Oh well, as I told myself long ago; you don't need to wear the uniform to listen to the music!

That aside, we had missed some of Fearless Vampire Killers' set because of how long it took the doormen to get us inside, but I caught the end and they were pretty damn good. Only scary thing; the lead singer asking a crowd of predominantly fourteen year olds to make sex noises for him. They were charismatic, however, and had the ability to get the crowd moving. The lead singer looked like Gerard Way circa 2007 and the guitarist Frank Iero circa 2004 - clearly know which market they're appealing to there.

We moved down into the crowd for the next band, Tonight Alive, and managed to get quite close to the front considering we hadn't queued at all. This was the only female fronted band of the night and she clearly felt like she had something to prove. They were good, but I think there brand of pop-punk may have been a little bit too bubbly for the crowd that were there to see the two remaining acts. They were good, although for some reason the vocal mix was quite low so at times she got lost in the bass. I tweeted #KerrangTour2013 telling them this and her vocal mix went up - must be reading!! Anyway, she seemed to have been taking most of her pointers from Gwen Stefani in her No Doubt days, much the same vibe. During one of their songs they managed to open up a pit and my friend - who's never been to a gig like that before and is a total indie kid - had the pleasure of being dragged by me into it, and bashed around for a minute or so until the pit died. Oh well, one more of life's rich experiences, eh?

The next band, Chiodos, we the heaviest of the four and my friend, the afore mentioned Indie kid, blanched white as the lead singer came on a roared into his mic. The look on her face was asking me what the hell I had brought her too. This band weren't exactly my type of music but they got the whole floor moving and several mosh pits opening over the upsetting fact that There Are No Penguins In Alaska.

Then we had to wait quite a while for the next band, Black Veil Brides, because their set was fairly elaborate for the techies to set up. You could feel the excitement rising in the room for the headline act, who eventually made their way onto to stage at around quarter to ten. The scream that went up as Andy Biersack (the lead singer) came on was blood curdlingly loud. Lots of fourteen year old girls wishing they could all chuck their training bras at the same time. Mean. He was actually fairly good looking, far more so than I have thought from looking at pictures. That aside they were very good live, huge crowd interaction, tight arrangements and I think if I'd of known a few more of their songs I would've been as into as the people around me seemed to be.

All in all a pretty good night, considering we got free tickets. It did teach me one thing though; if you're going to a gig, you should really try and learn at least a few songs, I don't know about you, but I always feel so much more involved that way.

Until next time,



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